How to mix and match products

When we say mix and match products we have 3 categories to choose from.

We have put all 3 gram, 4 gram and 5 gram bags into the Small Bags Category.

We have put all 10 gram, 11 gram and 12 gram bags into the Large Bags Category.

We have put all size gram jars into the Jars Category.

so now you have a choice.

$99 dollars for 1 large bag from the large bag category, 2 small bags fro the small bags category.

Next we have a higher bundle which is $149 for 2 large bags, 2 small bags and 1 jar.

We have listed the bundles in brown with the dollar amounts and what the bundle consists of.

Go ahead and make your own bundle. Let us know this is your own bundle. Describe it and if we like it we will use it and give you this bundle for free! We choose 1-5 people a month depending on how many orders we get in one month. Go ahead and try your luck and be famous.

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